WH 1300 Billings Flying Service Calamity Complex Fire Oregon                    We supply a wide range of custom-made helicopter                  Water Hog 3000 litre McDermott Aviation Bell 214B1 Spain                      (Photo Courtesy of Todd McKinley Grant County Sheriffs Office)                                       fire fighting buckets to suit any aerial application                                     (Photo Courtesy of McDermott Aviation, Australia)


Manufacturer of the World Class Lightweight "Water Hog" Helicopter Fire Fighting Buckets

Any volume manufactured from 400 litres / 105 US Gallons to over 20,000 Litres / 5263 US Gallons

 All our helicopter fire fighting buckets can be landed full for "Tanker Support" of ground crews -
no other fire fighting buckets are free-standing capable

 Sales, Enquires & Quotes. E-mail: afcwaterhog@ozemail.com.au

International Phone: 61 - 418 785 986


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Company Profile:

Aerial Fire Control Pty Ltd is a solely Australian owned company dedicated to providing an extensive range of Helicopter Fire Fighting Buckets which are simple in design, lightweight, affordable, strong and dependable.

About Aerial Fire Control Pty Ltd: AFC was founded in 2001 by Chris Black and Holly Turner. The Water Hog developed from a need to provide a much better type of Helicopter Fire Fighting Bucket for the Helicopter Industry world wide. Our core philosophy is that the Water Hogs have to be simple, extremely tough, very lightweight, reliable and above all easy to maintain. At AFC we listen to our clients to ensure the best design is produced to match your needs.

The Water Hog Design: The Water Hog composite component design system, has evolved dramatically from the first early design into one of the most reliable systems ever created. Using 21st century technology for superior performance to meet and exceed present day requirements for fire fighting buckets. The Water Hog is the most stable fire fighting bucket in flight available. All Water Hog models can be landed full of water for "Tanker Support" of ground crews, as they are all free standing - no other helicopter fire fighting buckets in the world are capable of this. The Water Hogs do not spin in flight, full or empty.

Water Hog Capability: Designs available from 400 litres / 105 US gallons to over 20,000 litres / 5263 US gallons. We can manufacture Water Hogs to any volume, valve and base combination to suit your requirements.

Contact Information:

Mobile/Cell Phone: Australia: (International Code) 61 - 418 785 986 (7 Days)

Postal address: P.O. Box 2214
                               Magill North
                               South Australia, 5072

E-mail: afcwaterhog@ozemail.com.au